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Praise God With A Paper Plate

Back when I worked at the library I kept a list of amusing book titles that I'd come across. One of my favorites was a book of homeschool craft projects titled "Praise God With A Paper Plate."

So today I've been keeping an eye on my new lambs, and one of them is not thriving. I tried a few different things, and in the afternoon finally decided to give her some colostrum.

Colostrum is the first milk that animals produce for about 24 hours after a baby is born, it's thick and full of extra fat/vitamins/probiotics/etc to build the baby's immune system. It's also kind of like jet fuel and gives them a shot of energy to get them going.

You can buy artificial colostrum. It's risky to give it to newborns because it will make their poop smell weird, and if their poop smells weird the mom might reject them. But this little lamb seemed likely to die if she didn't perk up and start nursing, so I decided to risk giving her some artificial colostrum to get her in gear.

So I drove to Viroqua to buy a tube of lamb colostrum. But oh-no, when I arrived at the hardware store at 4p they had just closed. Everything closes early on Sunday here, but I'd thought they'd at least be open until 5. I called a bigger hardware store half-hour away, they had closed at 1p. I phoned a friend to ask for advice, he said that until 2 years ago the hardware stores hadn't even opened on Sundays at all. Aurgh, my lamb is going to die!

And suddenly it popped into my head: BUT PEOPLE, I NEED TO PRAISE GOD WITH LAMB COLOSTRUM!!!


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